Sea Oates

Sea Oates, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

When I signed up for the “Paint the Beach” Plein Air event in Fort Myers Beach, I did not realize I was also signing up for an art retreat. With no internet access and three straight days of painting that’s what it became. I learned some valuable life lessons that I thought already knew. “Be who you is, not who you ain’t” as I often told my kids growing up when they were trying to conform to the mold of others. Seems like peer group pressure applies to adults as well.

Not a big fan of painting flowers and plants I wasted an entire day doing something I did not have the aptitude nor interest in pursuing. I had said I would draw to my strengths. Why did I do the opposite? Seems like I am as full of contradictions as the next person. We boast about strength but we are prone to weakness. We claim integrity but our hearts desire deceit. We must always be on guard for the enemy within.


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