Young Millennials are moving back to the city! Millennials are social beings who thrive on relationships. The “me” generation is being replaced by the “we” generation. President Obama tapped in to this mindset in 2008 with his slogan “Yes, we can.”

That is good news for American cities that have long been in decline. Lifestyle is what is driving this trend according to Neilson. Millennials are used to having the world at their fingertips. They love the social amenities cities offer as well as the easy commute. They are conscious of the environment and believe in living green. They are changing the world in ways baby boomers only talked about. It is no longer rhetoric and self-talk.

Will this move back to the city translate in the preservation or destruction of buildings? I just read an American Express article by Tim McClimon that says Millennials think like the rest of the population on this question. His research with the National Trust for Historic Preservation found that an overwhelming majority of Millennials have donated to the preservation of a historic building or site and have signed a petition to save a historic site or building.


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