Ocean Retreat

When it comes to being proactive, I’m not inclined to be in a preparation mode. Like most of human kind, being reactive is second nature. Poor use of words, because nature is not like that. Even animals make a change before a storm.

According to Accuweather, “Sharks swimming out to deeper water and animals moving to higher ground have all been reported before storms. “ If we prepare at all, most of us are like the Sebastian the Ibis, the mascot of the Miami Hurricanes. He is known as the last bird to retreat before a storm hits.

Ocean Retreat

“Ocean Retreat” copyright by Elaine Marie.

Not sure about this rationale, but it leaves little margin for error. Unlike Sebastian, the mangroves in Satellite Beach, Florida are retreating to pine forest ahead of the threat of rising sea level. I heard this on NPR. It appears mangroves by the droves are moving to higher ground. Fortunately, the folks at Satellite Beach are heeding the example of the mangroves and are discussing ways to deal with the rising sea level on the barrier island.


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