It’s the economy stupid!

marco island (700x525)

An idyllic painting of “Marco Island” copyright by Elaine Marie.

I was just reading an article in the Pensacola News Journal with the headline: ”Red Tide off Northwest Florida may hit economy.” Then the article goes on to talk about the impact of the red tide on people and wildlife.

Like I said, it’s money that moves this Nation. And the state of Florida is no different. Tourism is the state’s main money driver. With no state taxes, the Sunshine State has to focus on tourism to survive. That focus should drive us to preserve our natural resources not destroy them. Eco-tourism is clean tourism. Florida has 1, 1197 of coastline. That can be to our peril or delight.

I have an Art Trip planned for the Northwest coast of Florida. I was thinking about cancelling the trip because of the red tide. An idyllic painting is what I had in mind. But I think the times call for a different approach and I did say I was passionate about preservation and ecology. Right?


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