A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Spoken Word and Art Exhibit Sept 21 at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

This year’s 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act got me thinking. The Act protects and preserves our natural resources. Yet many of our resources are still under attack. The St. Johns River near Jacksonville is one of the Nation’s most endangered rivers. The Florida Everglades remains in a fragile state. Then I heard on NPR that developers want to move in on the Grand Canyon. Remember the BP oil spill? You may have forgotten, but its impact will last for years. And the Keystone pipeline? Well we got a surplus of oil in North America without it. The common thread in all this is our constant thirst for more. When will we be satisfied to coexist with nature? When is enough, enough?


My surrealistic painting “Beach Erosion” will be on display at the exhibit “Inspirations from Paris” Sept 21-27 at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

I am very passionate about preservation and Eco-tourism. My exhibit “Inspirations from Paris” is about Eco-tourism. Because money is really what drives our Nation. I focus on Eco-tourism and not just ecology. Eco-tourism is big money in Florida. Our coastline is what draws people here. If there is no coastline, guess what?


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