Lessons from a Plant

This is my favorite painting that I created of the Art Deco district in Miami Beach. I call it “Lessons from a Plant.” My son asked why I called it that. For some reason this building made an emotional connection with me. When I was drawing this building it was overgrown with weeds. The weeds were everywhere. The building was abandoned and unkempt but that did not bother the weeds. They pushed themselves through the cracks in the concrete despite the harsh conditions. They grew in the midst of adversity. I was so inspired by the tenacity of the weeds and wisdom of plants that I wrote a poem.

Lessons from a Plant

Lessons from a Plant

See this painting and more from my Les Arts Décoratifs series at Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Sept. 21-27.
The exhibit “Inspirations from Paris” is about my creative journey from Paris to Monet’s Garden in France. Along with Les Arts Décoratifs, my recent Impressionist works from Monet’s Garden and Surrealist paintings will be on display.


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