Scientists Discover that Plants are Evil

Lessons from Plants Spoken Word, September 21, 2014

I just read an article on that said scientists have discovered “Evil talking Plants use DNA”. “Alice in Wonderland” and I already knew that plants were evil. I mean who can forget the movie’s scene where the snobbish plants turned on her supposing she was a weed and left her soaking wet.

I shared the same fate as Alice at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. The sprinkler system exploded while I was there trying to draw and make peace with the flowers in Monet’s Garden. I figured as an artist and admirer of Monet, I would offer a truce. Spurned, I left in tears.

I get the last word on the flowers at the “Lessons from Plants” Spoken Word at Miami Beach Botanical Garden, September 21. You’ll hear the many lessons about life and love I’ve learned from nature’s wisest teachers. The Spoken Word is part of the “Inspirations from Paris” exhibition, September 21-27.

The exhibit features recent Impressionist works from Monet’s Garden, Les Arts Décoratif, and Florida Heritage paintings. My art series Les Arts Décoratif explores various Art Deco cultural and heritage sites in Miami Beach through the sensitive eyes of an artist. I see Art Deco through the lens of history and artistic styles.



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